What is Changemakers Forward?

ChangemakersForward is a community and support network for anyone making a positive difference in the world. It’s a safe place to connect and build deeper relationships, share, learn and support each other. Out of that connection can come out collaborative and beautiful outcomes.

The community is co-created for and by changemakers. We share experiences, questions, challenges and aspirations and dive deeper into the issues that are important to us. We tap into group wisdom, discovering insights for our lives and ideas for our projects.

We engage in creative conversations through our webinars and sharing circles, including the upcoming: CollaborationCafé, the Being, Creating and Sustaining Change sessions, and other events.

We invite you all to join us and bring whatever you feel called by and need support to manifest in the world.

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Fabiola Benavente

Community Initiator & Host
As a communicator and community builder, Fabiola is all about bridging countries and cultures. She has a degree in International Marketing with a minor in Psychology and has developed leadership and mentoring programs.

Her passion is fostering a deeper connection to self, others and the world through communications, spaces and conversations—online and offline, cultivating the power of being and bringing creative callings forward.

Davida Ginter

Community Facilitator
Davida is a social strategist with a background in journalism and the present Processes Facilitator. She received her masters’ degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) in Sweden, and conducts workshops and trainings in Israel and Europe, in the spirit of Art of Hosting (Participatory Leadership).

Driven by her passion for engaging with other people, she is inspired by exploring how we can unleash our power to create a positive impact.

Lara Listens

Visual Facilitator & Illustrator
Lara works as a visual facilitator helping organisations – and the people within – to have conversations that matter. She combines visual thinking with profound knowledge of learning, participation and organizational development.
Lara also works as an illustrator: Schnups, that’s Lara, when she’s busy drawing. In her studio overlooking the Forest of Odes in Heidelberg, she gets to the heart of each subject using classic tools such as brushes, pens & watercolor. 

Nathalie Roy

Community Host

Project manager, facilitator and interconnectorNathalie has an extensive experience in sustainable development consulting, teaching and facilitation. She has a background in environmental engineering completed by a postgraduate certificate in social innovation management. Through the organisation and facilitation of workshops and events, she helps individuals and organizations to get inspired, transform themselves and sustain the capacity to make positive changes.

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