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In-Depth Hours is an ongoing series of discussions with changemakers from around the world. Join our 60-min calls and tap a deep well of creativity and encouragement.

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Changemakers Forward is a place for you to find inspiration and connect with others on a social mission to make a lasting impact. Welcome!

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Develop personal mastery skills and thrive as a changemaker with our Authentic Leadership for Change program.

Inspiring and empowering you to thrive and sustain your mission to make the world a better place.

At Changemakers Forward we want you to thrive and sustain yourself as a changemaker. We understand that the path can be challenging and lonely, and support is often limited. With affordable tools and internet technology we create community, support and self-empowering programs.

We do this by creating space to learn, share and connect with each other to hone our life’s true purpose and sustain our social missions. We support each other unleash our best selves by pursuing self empowerment and personal mastery.

You’ll find supportive community, tools and resources, online courses and change-making mentoring on Authentic Leadership, necessary to maximize your impact and sustain yourself in the changemaking path. Learn more about our mission.


Inspiration + Tools

Authentic leaders are committed to ongoing personal growth and learning. They constantly feed their changemaking vision with lots of fresh ideas. Take your skills and knowledge further with our ever resourceful Tips + Tools, content curated especially for you. Learn More…


Community + Support

Our global network of changemakers includes a diverse range of social change leaders—from NGO executives to college students and artists to entrepreneurs. Find mutual support and swap ideas in our online community. We’re stronger together! Learn More…


Authentic Leadership

The knowledge you need to nourish your vision and thrive as a changemaker is right here. Our authentic leadership program and forums are easily accessed online. We want to make sure our programs are as inclusive as possible, and that’s why we offer alternative payment plans and scholarships.

Changemakers Forward offers a platform to connect and support each other. As an individual who has always been passionate about making a difference, I understand the need to have a supportive, learning community around me.

C. Khakula

It was really good meeting so many changemakers from different countries, catching glimpses of their challenges, and experiencing the energy they bring to their work. The awareness that friends are sensitive to one’s journey is itself a great booster. The feeling is one of unity, a sense of being strengthened and moved from singleness of purpose to larger dimensions.

S. Mathew

Changemakers Forward is truly inspiring, allowing you to move beyond the idea of merely networking to build, as Manuel Castells says, “networks of hope.”

A. Anjaria

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